Hey, so excited you found us! We’re Sandi and Milan - a mother-daughter duo who joined forces sort of unexpectedly. After years of our own individual experience in the corporate world and our combined passion for self-love and empowering women, we had a desire and a dream to create something pretty awesome together - Hustle + Heart - a community for women, lead by women, who inspire and motivate each other to push our bodies, challenge our minds and become independent leaders. For those who know us, most would say that I (Sandi), am the “Hustle” and my mom (Milan) is the “Heart” in this business. There is no doubt that our skill set, mannerisms and perspectives are very similar, however it’s safe to say, she’s a little more “old school” and I’m a little more “millennial” (ha!). Together, we have found a cool way to support, connect and inspire women, like us, to make wellness a daily ritual. It’s not all about pushups and clean eating - to us, true health also involves laughter, friendship, having fun, learning about yourself, as well as challenging your mind and body. Weather you are in your twenties or fifties, a beginner or fitness guru, there’s a place for you here and we would love to welcome you! Feel free to message us here - we love getting mail - or follow our lives on Instagram @Hustle.and.Heart!


I’ve always found it hard to sum up my life in a few short paragraphs, but here it goes: I consider myself to be an everyday mom and wife enjoying life in the mellow coastal town of Palos Verdes in Southern California. I was born and raised just south of San Francisco and moved to Los Angeles after graduating from The University of Arizona to pursue a career in fashion. I spent over 8 years climbing the corporate ladder for an International fashion brand until I decided that there had to be more to life than my 8-5 desk job. On my lunch breaks I would see people taking walks, meeting a friend for lunch or just out enjoying the day. I wondered what it was they did - I was burnt out and tired of busting my butt to make other people money. I craved a piece of that leisurely life and wanted financial freedom for my future. So at the peak of my career I left to find a business that provided more flexibility and a sense of value - that company was Beachbody.

Health and fitness was not a gene I was gifted with, it was a lifestyle that I had to learn, mainly because I realized how important it was for my own well-being, as well as my families. However, deciding to get healthy was one thing, actually doing it was another. I tried taking classes but couldn't seem to make it a consistent thing and I wasn’t really a "gym person". I needed a solution that was convenient, otherwise I knew that it would be short-lived. This is when I began researching different options and came across workout programs that I could do from home - I liked that it was affordable and had a large variety of options. After completing a 60-day online program, I hit my goal weight and began to realize that I actually enjoyed it, especially the friendships.

What started out as something I did for myself, grew into a love for helping others and a career that completely shifted my life. I had no idea how much this community would mean to me until our lives were flipped upside down in 2016. My husband and I were newlyweds who just welcomed our first baby girl into our family when we got the chilling news that he had stage four cancer. Say what?! Trust me, it still feels surreal and sends shivers down my spine when I think about that moment and the rough road that followed. 

During a time that felt so overwhelming and scary we realized there was only one way to beat it - with a positive mind, a strong support system and a healthy lifestyle. So, in my attempt to control an uncontrollable situation, I made it my mission to learn everything I could about clean eating, exercise and living a well-balanced life. This is how Hustle & Heart was born. It is a reflection of passion, gratitude, friendship, knowledge and a will to be the best person I can be for myself and my family. After a year of treatment, my hubby is now cancer-free (!!!) and my love for empowering others has evolved into an awesome network of like-minded women who support, inspire, and push each other daily to create their best life. We'd love to have you join us!


Sonoma wine country is my home. I'm a grandma (aka "Jammie") to nine grandchildren, a wife to my sweetheart, Kevin, and a mom to our three daughters + our yellow lab, Sedona. I love the creativity of the feminine soul and have always enjoyed watching women move through the different ages and stages of life. After years of leading the charge as a corporate executive, I left to pursue my passion of uplifting women who, like me, felt restless and wanting more. Today, our community has grown to over 80,000 like-minded leaders. 

I’ve found my passion in showing others how to create their own unique healthy-at-home wellness plan, how to implement a wealth strategy that is consistent with their dreams, and connect with the wisdom of women who are creating a life they love. I believe that when women gather, magical things happen.

I discovered my passion for empowering people to change their lives in my corporate career as the vice president of sales for a large international network marketing company. As I traveled the world speaking and inspiring people to build their own home-based business, I realized I was never home. So I quit my executive position to take better care of myself and set out to create a simple system that showed other people how they can too. 

I have always had a passion for mentoring powerful and influential leaders. Being able to inspire others who want to live rich and adventurous lives is a joy I get to experience every day as a coach and entrepreneur. 

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