30 Day Fitness Tracker Printable


Stay on track with your fitness goals by downloading this free 30-day workout printable. I like hanging mine either on my fridge or near my bathroom scale... it's good for those days when I need a little extra motivation - It's like a friendly little accountability nudge. You can download it here, 30-Day Fitness Tracker. Just print it out and check off each circle for every workout you complete. My daughter likes to award me with a sticker for each of my workouts, it's a fun way to get her involved and teach her healthy habits. If you want me to change or customize something specific for you, just comment below with your request.


Take a Flattering "Before" Picture


Ahhhhh!!! The dreaded body shots -no, not the kind that involves alcohol but some might need a little liquid courage to get through it! I promise it's not as painful as you think- it's just something you have to do.

So your first challenge before starting your program is to snap your "Before" picture and take your body measurements - don't worry, you can bury them in your backyard if you want, but I promise you will wish you had them at the end of your program! I know, I get it, taking a selfie is a challenge for me, let alone taking a picture of my post-baby body (YIKES!) But to be honest my before picture actually became a real motivator for me- cameras don't lie and I was not happy with what I saw so I used my pictures to fuel me.  Anyway, your picture and measurements are for your eyes only, but hopefully you will love your new body so much you might even share them someday to inspire never know!

Watch these two videos below to find out how to take your best "Body Selfie" and how to record accurate body measurements. If you have any questions, message me at